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Lack of scientific openness goes hand in hand with lack of basic statistical ability …

Regular readers will remember the long running saga concerning the Lang et al team’s bulge-disk decompositions (described in a previous post) in which I found that none of the key coauthors would even reply to my emails pointing out an issue of … Continue reading

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Model selection by parameter estimate comparison …

I noticed two papers on astro ph in the past week attempting to perform hypothesis testing by comparing parameter estimates for subsamples of the data: the hypotheses in each case being that the subsamples do or do not share the same parent distribution.  The … Continue reading

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The gift that keeps on giving …

My loyal readers will perhaps remember the saga of the Pflamm-Altenburg et al. (2013) paper which I blogged about a while ago under the title, “Bordering on scientific misconduct …“.  The quick summary is that I noticed their paper in … Continue reading

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More GPs for reconstructing H(z) …

It seems there’s quite a cottage industry for GP-based non-parametric modelling of H(z) using the cosmic chronometers supernova (SN) dataset: today on astro-ph we had a contribution by Verde et al., following on from Busti et al.’s effort last week. … Continue reading

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Astro ph round up …

Just a quick brain dump after flicking through today’s astro ph.  First, there’s a bit of a face-palm by Schlaufmam, who highlights (correctly) the usefulness of logistic regression for modelling binomial data (here exoplanet frequencies as a function of metallicities), … Continue reading

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“ABC” and the “alive particle filter” for low count time series (with model selection): seems like there must be some good astronomical applications? quasars? soft gamma ray repeaters?

Through a round-about series of links I ended up reading a recent Xian’s Og post about a paper by one of my former QUT colleagues, Chris Drovandi, and my former supervisor, Tony Pettitt, on a simulation-based methodology for posterior exploration … Continue reading

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ABC for stellar population inference in low mass star clusters …

I had a productive email exchange with Miguel Cervino (who wrote this review of the challenges for stellar population parameter inference under the stochastic effects of IMF sampling in low mass star clusters) regarding the potential for ABC in this … Continue reading

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