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Yet another near ABC …

Yet another near ABC on astro ph today: this time by Janson et al. analysing multiplicity amongst low mass stars.  As in previous cases like the Sana et al. papers the astronomers converged towards what is effectively an ABC approach … Continue reading

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“ABC” and the “alive particle filter” for low count time series (with model selection): seems like there must be some good astronomical applications? quasars? soft gamma ray repeaters?

Through a round-about series of links I ended up reading a recent Xian’s Og post about a paper by one of my former QUT colleagues, Chris Drovandi, and my former supervisor, Tony Pettitt, on a simulation-based methodology for posterior exploration … Continue reading

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Another near ABC …

Another paper doing ad hoc simulated (mock) to real data comparison as a way of inference on the arXiv today: Rogers et al.   As usual (e.g. the Sana et al. papers) the authors try things like a using a … Continue reading

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ABC for stellar population inference in low mass star clusters …

I had a productive email exchange with Miguel Cervino (who wrote this review of the challenges for stellar population parameter inference under the stochastic effects of IMF sampling in low mass star clusters) regarding the potential for ABC in this … Continue reading

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Chlamydia in the news again …

Interesting to see the Australian chlamydia rate making news again; this time as motivation for a proposal to allow “patient-delivered partner therapy” (i.e., if you test positive for the bug at your GP she gives you an extra pack of … Continue reading

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Stellar astronomers slowly converging towards ABC …

I noticed this paper on astro-ph today by Li, de Grijs, & Deng ( ) in which the authors describe a technique for learning the binary fraction of an observed star cluster (with unresolved binaries) by comparing mock data simulations … Continue reading

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Bayesian Simulation Sampling: A pseudo-marginal method by any other name?

In Venice today, after a great week in Sesto/Sexten attending the Varying Constants & Dynamical Dark Energy conference.  I feel like I delivered my talk well, and there were a decent number of questions, so … job done! I noticed … Continue reading

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