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Absolute muppetry …

So you might have seen me picking fights on twitter with former colleagues at Oxford and probably think that I do this deliberately because I just like to fight.  Actually, I would prefer not to have arguments with people but … Continue reading

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Design considerations for a COVID-19 serological survey … part i

Since I am, by profession, a statistician employed the field of epidemiology—no longer an astronomer—it makes sense that I should now be devoting my spare research time on projects related to COVID-19 instead of blogging (mostly) about astronomy.  (Spare time … Continue reading

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“Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses”

[Not astro or stats] Boosting the signal on a story that the cowards in the Australian government and top defence brass would rather see buried.  A story that they’d rather lock up journalists and whistleblowers for telling than admit to … Continue reading

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