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Astro ph round up …

Some quick comments on a number of recent astro-ph submissions I’ve had open as tabs but had not read until today.  The first (in chronological order) is on ‘exploding satellites’ (satellite galaxies, not man-made space junk) by Kuepper et al., in … Continue reading

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Fourier features for pulsar timing models …

I noticed the recent paper by Vallisneri & Haasteren on the arXiv entitled “Taming outliers in pulsar-timing datasets with hierarchical likelihoods and Hamiltonian sampling” in which the authors point out that Bayesian hierarchical models can, and perhaps should, be used … Continue reading

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Highlights from two sessions at the RSS conference 2016 …

Earlier this week I popped up to the 2016 RSS Conference in Manchester to give a talk as part of the Geostatistical Models for Tropical Medicine session organised by Michelle Stanton (and featuring two other speakers: Victor Alegana from Southampton and Emanuele … Continue reading

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