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[Non stats post] I love Australia, but seriously, f*£k Australia!

Apologies for the off topic post, but as an Australian blogger I thought it important to give emphasis to the latest evidence of sadistic abuse going on under the authority of the Australian people at our off shore detention centres: The Nauru … Continue reading

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Learning GP covariance matrices by example …

Another astro ph submission that I’m reviewing a few weeks late here is this one by Garnett et al., entitled “Detecting Damped Lyman- Absorbers with Gaussian Processes”.  The application here is pretty much what it says in the title; that is, … Continue reading

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Some Bayesian unsupervised learning …

I noticed the latest IFT group paper on astro-ph (as a replacement) this morning—“SOMBI*: Bayesian identification of parameter relations in unstructured cosmological data” by Frank et al.  [* which I imagine to be pronounced thusly]—and, since I have some free … Continue reading

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