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Bayesian shrinkage …

Today I read the new arXival by Leistedt et al. on the topic of photometric redshifting, in which a hierarchical model is proposed to include learning something of the inherent distribution of galaxies in redshift-magnitude-template space from the data itself: … Continue reading

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Aussie science continues its slide down the toilet …

Recent weeks have seen some disturbing science news coming out of Australia.  The University of Wollongong awarding a PhD for an anti-vaxxer thesis; the CSIRO axing its Oceans and Atmosphere division; the CSIRO claiming credit for its role in the discovery … Continue reading

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Bayesian inference of covariance/precision matrices …

Long time, no post.  No compelling reason for the lack of activity here, but I did have a couple of seminars to prepare—an Oxford graduate seminar on burden of diseases in the fantastic new stats building & a Warwick CRISM seminar on … Continue reading

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