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The KL divergence as test statistic …

I read this paper by Ben-David et al. on astro ph the other day and despite having some interest in the KL divergence (since KL estimation is similar to marginal likelihood estimation and the KL—or its symmetrized version, the J … Continue reading

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Training a cosmological likelihood emulator …

I had a read through this recent arXival by Aslanyan et al. presenting their ‘learn-as-you-go’ algorithm for speeding up posterior sampling via emulation of the cosmological likelihood function.  As the authors note, emulation is now a common strategy to deal with the … Continue reading

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Batch job …

On the bus to Cambridge today for a workshop/un-conference on the genetics of the malaria parasite, which gives me almost four pile-inducing hours of bus travel around the outskirts of London and hence the time for a batch job of … Continue reading

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Dicke, Dickie, or Dickey?

While browsing this paper on astro ph today I noticed an amusing trend for gravitational wave astronomers (or particularly Neil Cornish’s group) to refer to the Savage-Dickey density ratio estimator as Savage-Dicke or Savage-Dickie, even while citing James Dickey’s original paper. … Continue reading

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