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Kriging, Wiener filters, and Bayes for astrophysical signal reconstruction …

For a while now I’ve been an advocate for greater recognition of the potential uses for geospatial statistical tools in astro-statistics (e.g. at the IAUS306), so I was mostly happy to see this paper by Yu et al. on astro ph … Continue reading

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ABC vs the multiplicity properties of B-type stars …

I noticed this paper by Dunstall et al. on astro ph yesterday continuing the ad hoc version of ABC methodology for estimating the binary fraction of a progenitor population subsequently evolved and observed noisily that was established by Sana et al.’s Science … Continue reading

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Random effects model in Malaria Journal …

The Bayesian errors-in-variables + random effects Poisson regression model I built to estimate the relationship between prevalence and incidence for our team’s (i.e. MAP’s) vivax malaria mapping ambitions has appeared in Malaria Journal recently. That’s the second epidemiology paper I’m … Continue reading

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What is importance sampling?

I noticed this paper on astro ph today by Barclay et al. presenting an model comparison for Kepler-296, examining which of the two stars in this binary system is most likely to host the five detected/inferred planets.  What caught my … Continue reading

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On Poisson Point Processes (PPPs) in astronomy …

All quiet on the blog for the past few weeks on account of multiple trips abroad (including visits to the Institute for Disease Modeling, the Institute for Health Metrics Evaluation & the Bill & Melinda Gates Founation in Seattle, and … Continue reading

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