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Bayesian inference for satellites obeying Hamiltonian dynamics & adiabatic Hamiltonian Monte Carlo …

I read this paper presenting a Bayesian strategy for inferring the form of the Milky Way’s distribution function given a mix of complete and incomplete velocity data for its satellites by Eadie et al. on astro ph this week.   … Continue reading

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A Bayesian Nadaraya-Watson estimator?

The other day I was wondering whether it would be possible to formulate the Nadaraya-Watson (i.e. kernel smoothing), non-parametric regression estimator within the context of a hierarchical Bayesian model?  The idea would be to take advantage of the exceptional flexibility … Continue reading

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In defense of the maximum a posteriori (posterior mode) …

At a recent epi-statistics tutorial I attended (which included an hour on ‘introduction to Bayesian inference’ for graduate epidemiology students) the speaker made what I felt to be an overly zealous argument to the effect that one should never report … Continue reading

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