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Fisher vs Bayes w/ eLISA …

Back home in Oxford/Witney after a brutally tiring week of meetings in Seattle; feeling nevertheless reinvigorated to crack on with some hardcore stats and in doing so hopefully contribute (in some tiny bee’s dick of a way; as they say in the … Continue reading

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The technique of joint likelihood …

I almost spat out my cereal this morning when reading this conference proceedings by Anderson et al. (2015) presenting “the technique of joint likelihoods“.  What’s the technique of joint likelihoods, you ask?  Just the most obvious thing that you’ve been … Continue reading

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Bayesian inference for radio observations …

I noticed this paper on astro ph today by Perkins et al. concerning the MeqTrees code which reminded me that I haven’t yet blogged about the original BIRO (Bayesian Inference for Radio Observations) paper by Lochner et al. from last week.  The … Continue reading

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