In press (chlamydia & ISBA Bulletin) …

For those readers not already subject to my self-publicity through Facebook here’s a quick dose! First of all I was happy to finally see in print my collaboration with Dr Hammad Ali & Prof David Wilson from the Kirby Institute plus my former QUT colleague, Dr Chris Drovandi, and various members of the Australian Chlamydia Surveillance group: “A new approach to estimating trends in chlamydia incidence“.  Not surprisingly, although this was my second paper to apply Approximate Bayesian Computation to a challenging inference problem, this was my first paper in the journal of Sexually Transmitted Infections!  I’ve already described various aspects of the analysis in previous blog posts, but a brief summary is this from the first few lines of our abstract:

“Directly measuring disease incidence in a population is difficult and not feasible to do routinely. We describe the development and application of a new method for estimating at a population level the number of incident genital chlamydia infections, and the corresponding incidence rates, by age and sex using routine surveillance data.”


The second item of self-publicity I have to mention here is the appearance of “Blogging as young researchers” in the ISBA bulletin from December: a brief collaborative endeavour between myself and a number of other statistical bloggers, including Publishable Stuff, Research side effects, tgmstat, Statisfaction, and … all of which I can recommend to followers of my blog!

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2 Responses to In press (chlamydia & ISBA Bulletin) …

  1. soo… we need to be subscribers to STI to see the full article, right?

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