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Bits & pieces …

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post because I’ve been firmly keeping my shoulder to the wheel, where “shoulder”=brain and “wheel”=finishing the draft of my main in-progress malaria paper.  So the following is simply a collection of random … Continue reading

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Knockt in the head …

One of my favourite textbooks begins its preface with a quotation attributed to Edward Davenant who would (apparently) “have a man knockt in the head that should write anything in Mathematiques that had been written of before“.  And that was … Continue reading

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DPs in astronomy …

As seemingly anticipated by my discussion of the Dirichlet Process in my weak convergence talk at Imperial (see previous post)—in which I highlighted the potential of the DP for astronomical model analyses—today on astro ph we have an application of the … Continue reading

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