Reflections on BAYSM14 …

I was lucky to have the chance to attend the second ever BAYSM meeting held over two days in Vienna: the aim of the conference being to provide a unique opportunity for young Bayesians from various fields to meet, network, & share ideas … and at this venue, enjoy the Viennese pastries, coffee, & white wine spritzers.  A few of the particular ideas I was impressed by were:
– a moment-based approximation scheme for interrogating posterior functionals of non-parametric Bayesian hazard models, presented by Julyan Arbel
– an application of Bayesian inference to seismic modelling for the detection of nuclear test ban treaty violations, which includes a model for the fingerprints of particular seismic regions, presented by David Moore
– a method for marginal likelihood estimation using draws from the posterior marginals, which avoids the prior-insensitivity of the harmonic mean, presented by  Konstantinos Perrakis
– an investigation of Bayesian model choice reformulated as a mixture modelling problem with the data being considered a mixture of the two (or more) competing models, presented in the poster session by Kaniav Kamary (and introduced in Christian Robert’s keynote talk)
– an SMC method for marginal likelihood estimation in rectangular graphical models, presented in the poster session by Christian Naesseth (cf. one of my old posts on the work being done in Sweden by the likes of this group with Thomas Schoen & Fredrik Lindsten, e.g. particle MCMC with ancestor sampling)
– an algorithm for Bayesian inference on group structured circular data using the Von Mises distribution, presented by Kees Muller
– and a neat subordinated stochastic process model for extremely flexible modelling of non-decreasing data (including some of the example datasets commonly used in functional data analysis), presented by Ana Palacios

Importantly for the astronomical readers wondering if they’d have something worth contributing to the next BAYSM meeting the Accenture prize for best talk was won by cosmologist, Madhura Killedar, who presented her work on cluster lensing!

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