More K-S tests …

It seems astronomers just can’t get enough of the K-S test: in this new paper by Klesman and Sarajedini the authors test for differences between the radial distributions of AGN and normal (non-AGN) galaxies in clusters using the K-S test and drive their ship straight into the iceberg known as “multiple comparisons“.  For each of 14 clusters they perform the K-S test on each of three nested subsets of the data constructed through increasingly inclusive sample selection criteria.  Four of the 14 clusters have a <0.05 p-value in at least one of the three subsets which they take to be significant; but no subset has more than two clusters with <0.05 p-values, which we would expect >10% of the time under the null.

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One Response to More K-S tests …

  1. I bet it’s because the KS test is in Numerical Recipes.

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