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More K-S tests …

It seems astronomers just can’t get enough of the K-S test: in this new paper by Klesman and Sarajedini the authors test for differences between the radial distributions of AGN and normal (non-AGN) galaxies in clusters using the K-S test and … Continue reading

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K-S test for parameter estimation … ?

I noticed this paper by Anne Buckner & Dirk Froebrich on the scale heights of star clusters, in which they aim to estimate the parameters for a non-standard (i.e., not Normal, Student’s t, skew Normal, Gamma, etc.) probability model given univariate observed data assumed … Continue reading

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Iterative simulation; meta-analysis …

Been a while since my last update here on account of having a tonne of work to get finished before a fast approaching deadline at the beginning of August. But for now I have all 64 + 12 available linux … Continue reading

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