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Introducing the mathematics of Bayesian field inference & astro ph round-up …

Happily I can announce the arXiving of my conference proceedings from the IAUS306 meeting in Lisbon: link.  The title of this short (4 page) article is “What we talk about when we talk about fields”, and its purpose is to provide … Continue reading

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More fine structure constant …

Songaila & Cowie have a paper out today on astro ph in which they agree with everything I concluded about the alleged fine structure constant in my past two papers—in particular, the likelihood of systematic biases in the instrumentation being to blame. … Continue reading

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Does astronomy need subset posterior Big Data Bayes?

Re: “Robust and scalable Bayes via a median of subset posterior measures” by Minsker et al. It’s probably a bit lazy to blog (again) about a paper that was discussed at the Computational Stats Reading Group but I think this one … Continue reading

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Yet another near ABC …

Yet another near ABC on astro ph today: this time by Janson et al. analysing multiplicity amongst low mass stars.  As in previous cases like the Sana et al. papers the astronomers converged towards what is effectively an ABC approach … Continue reading

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Lack of scientific openness goes hand in hand with lack of basic statistical ability …

Regular readers will remember the long running saga concerning the Lang et al team’s bulge-disk decompositions (described in a previous post) in which I found that none of the key coauthors would even reply to my emails pointing out an issue of … Continue reading

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