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Matrix-free Bayesian inference in cosmology …

Now that I have some simulations under way I have had time to take a look through the recent(ish) astro-ph posting, Matrix-free Large Scale Bayesian Inference in Cosmology, by Jasche & Lavaux, in which the authors propose a “messenger field” … Continue reading

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GPs for NP regression: extrapolating the Hubble constant vs redshift relation …

I had a quick read over breakfast of a short paper by Busti, Clarkson, & Seikel (2014) in which they examine the discrepancy between local measurements of the Hubble constant and the corresponding estimate from Planck. ¬†To this end the … Continue reading

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Particle Gibbs with Ancestor Sampling …

The day after the night before. ¬†Feeling a bit hung-over after hitting the Royal Oak with some of the local statisticians, but I can’t complain because the drinking was fun and it followed a very interesting talk by Thomas Schoen … Continue reading

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Cosmologists discover Bayesian design …

I’ve been a bit too busy lately taking care various housing issues in Oxford to work up any significant new blog posts (e.g. to discuss last week’s intriguing/confusing contribution from Jasche & Lavaux), so just a quick update today to … Continue reading

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“ABC” and the “alive particle filter” for low count time series (with model selection): seems like there must be some good astronomical applications? quasars? soft gamma ray repeaters?

Through a round-about series of links I ended up reading a recent Xian’s Og post about a paper by one of my former QUT colleagues, Chris Drovandi, and my former supervisor, Tony Pettitt, on a simulation-based methodology for posterior exploration … Continue reading

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