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On the geometric path to a smack down …

I noticed this paper on astro ph today by Hou, Goodman, & Hogg describing their “new” idea for marginal likelihood estimation using the geometric path.  A quick inspection reveals that in fact the idea being presented is exactly the same as … Continue reading

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The many faces of Fourier analysis …

Went to an interesting talk today by Dr Pierre Portal about the interpretation of Fourier analysis within a wider mathematical analysis context.  Although much of the discussion about Fourier type operator equations in spectral theory went over my head I did … Continue reading

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Question about algebras? Help needed …

To make sure I don’t forget too much of what I’ve learnt in the past I periodically try solving some standard textbook exercises.  But today I ran into a bit of an odd one in Rosenthal’s “A First Look at … Continue reading

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