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GPs for reconstructing w(z) (and its derivatives!) …

There was an interesting paper by Seikel & Clarkson on astro ph recently (link) discussing the choice of covariance function and hyper parameter optimization methodology for Gaussian Process (GP) regression of w(z) and its derivatives (cosmology).  The background here is … Continue reading

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More fine structure results …

Another brief paper on astro ph today looking at the fine structure constant: Rahmani et al. Instead of using the many multiplet method of Dzuba et al & Webb et al—which (if there are no systematic errors) can estimate da/a … Continue reading

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Another near ABC …

Another paper doing ad hoc simulated (mock) to real data comparison as a way of inference on the arXiv today: Rogers et al.   As usual (e.g. the Sana et al. papers) the authors try things like a using a … Continue reading

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Great moments in refereeing #521 …

“The discusssion below (20) for variance estimation and in the Appendix B seems to be heuristic. If the arguments could be made (more) rigorous, then it would be helpful to do so. Otherwise, it would be helpful to acknowledge the heuristic nature of … Continue reading

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ABC for stellar population inference in low mass star clusters …

I had a productive email exchange with Miguel Cervino (who wrote this review of the challenges for stellar population parameter inference under the stochastic effects of IMF sampling in low mass star clusters) regarding the potential for ABC in this … Continue reading

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Fish rots from the head …

Following the old adage that the fish rots from the head first I decided this evening to check out some more of the paper by the Kroupa group, particularly Kroupa’s recent first author contributions.  And indeed I quickly found another example … Continue reading

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What’s so novel about hierarchical modelling?

Daily rant: I noticed this paper by Soiaporn et al (2013) on astro ph today, which has been accepted by Annals of Applied Statistics.  The last clause here really stuck in my craw because my own fine structure paper was last … Continue reading

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