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Testing for stationarity of time series …

As I’m presently stuck in Canberra (waiting on a visa to start work in the UK) I was able to drop in yesterday on a talk at the ANU MSI by Suojin Wang describing his (with a couple of collaborators) … Continue reading

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Invited speakers @ stats/astro conferences: where all the Asians at?

Having never been (pro-actively) invited to speak at a conference I keep wondering when my turn will come and, accordingly, I keep a keen eye on which of my contemporaries have started getting the call up.  A lot has been said … Continue reading

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Statistics citations: a conversion table for astronomers

While checking up on astro ph today (as distraction from my reading on efficient simulation from huge GP models) I noticed this embarrassingly awful contribution to astronomical model selection by some Italian faculty (at first I thought masters/PhD students): . … Continue reading

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Arxived and rejected on the same day …

So I arXived my brief research note on a generalization of the Savage-Dickey Density Ratio (SDDR) to general probability spaces (including those not admitting a Lebesgue reference measure) yesterday (so it’ll be out in today’s mailing later).  But this morning … Continue reading

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