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Astrostatistics at the IAU …

The website for the Statistical Challenges in 21st Century Cosmology is up now: , and is accepting abstracts already.  Obviously its a long way in the future but can some good astrostats people please register because there’s some seriously smart stats … Continue reading

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Notes on sufficiency …

Just finished reading up on the measure-theoretic formulation of sufficiency; so for other neophytes I’m uploading my annotated version of Halmos & Savage (1949):  img-928022611-0001 . Presumably if Jstor want to do me like they did Aaron Schwartz I guess I’ll … Continue reading

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Moving to Zoology …

Finally I can announce here that (modulo the uncertain visa process) I will soon be moving even further from my astronomy roots, taking up a geostatistical/epidemiological modelling position in Zoology at Oxford University.  Some of my friends and colleagues have … Continue reading

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Fractional Poisson process … is there an astronomical application?

We had an interesting talk at QUT last week from N. Leonenko (Cardiff) on the fractional Poisson process (FPP), a generalization of the familiar Poisson process (PP) with long-range dependence (cf. Laskin 2003).  The name suggests an intended analogy to the fractional … Continue reading

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Chlamydia in the news again …

Interesting to see the Australian chlamydia rate making news again; this time as motivation for a proposal to allow “patient-delivered partner therapy” (i.e., if you test positive for the bug at your GP she gives you an extra pack of … Continue reading

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Bayesian overload on astro-ph today …

After confirming (for about the tenth time) that my own paper was indeed properly processed by the arXiv demons I had a more thorough scan down the new astro-ph submissions list for today and found three other papers presenting Bayesian … Continue reading

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Semi-Parametric Bayesian Model Selection …

Advertising the second (and final) paper in my series on the (lack of) evidence for cosmic variation of the fine structure constant.  The purpose of this one is not simply to flog a dead horse, but rather to demonstrate a … Continue reading

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