No collaboration for you …

I was having a browse through the final report ( ) for the SAMSI Working Group on Kepler Data Analysis today since I’d noticed a couple of months ago that they were looking into astronomical applications of ABC & I thought maybe there would be a good chance for some interesting collaboration …. No deal.  According to the minutes of the meeting, the participants decided not to open the WG collaboration to outsiders.  Fair enough, but as one of only two astronomers with any significant expertise in ABC I might have been quite a useful collaborator on one of these ongoing projects.

In reality I’ve got a pretty full dance card at the moment, so I wouldn’t be able to offer much help after all, but it’s always nice to be asked.  On the other hand, maybe I’ll get asked to referee one of their papers …

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2 Responses to No collaboration for you …

  1. Can you point me to *where* in the minutes it says this? I can’t find it. It also disagrees strongly with what I remember about the conversations in the meeting.

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