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Forced identifiability for exoplanets and quasar absorption spectra …

Back from my travels abroad with the standard amount of jetlag and a non-standard amount of enthusiasm for getting my house in order & resubmitting my backlog of refereed and rejected papers!  But on to identifiability for now … Playing … Continue reading

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Bologna & a possible student project idea

This week I’m attending a workshop on *model-based clustering* at the University of Bologna, which is proving rather interesting. Not least because of the huge diversity of applications motivating the methodological developments being presented.  For instance, Adrian Raftery has told … Continue reading

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Interviewing for Academic Jobs: Swiss Style

I had an interesting experience a few weeks ago with a job interview for an academic institute concerned with health studies in Switzerland.  After being told how wonderfully keen they were to interview me in person after what seemed like … Continue reading

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If anyone’s interested: the slides from my talk at the Varying Constants  & Dynamical Dark Energy meeting in Sesto/Sexten last week: sestotalk_ewancameron

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Bayesian Simulation Sampling: A pseudo-marginal method by any other name?

In Venice today, after a great week in Sesto/Sexten attending the Varying Constants & Dynamical Dark Energy conference.  I feel like I delivered my talk well, and there were a decent number of questions, so … job done! I noticed … Continue reading

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Bayes vs the virial theorem

Apologies for the long delay between posts here; I’ve been hunkered down in my office getting funky with DPs (Dirichlet Processes) and writing talks for my upcoming Giro d’Italia / UK (Sesto -> Venice -> Oxford -> Bologna).  Anyways, this … Continue reading

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