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Another reinvention of ABC …

As I mentioned in my earlier post on the future of astrostatistics, there is a tendency for astronomers to (imperfectly!) reinvent ABC for likelihood-free inference at regular intervals.  The latest is this paper by Shimizu & Mushotzky which extends a method … Continue reading

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A deconvolution problem …

An interesting paper from astro-ph today: namely, Konrad et al. presenting a method to “estimate the lensing potential from massive galaxy clusters”, at the heart of which lies an application of the “Richardson-Lucy algorithm”.  As a neophyte in the field of image … Continue reading

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That Weinberg paper (the HMA one) …

So, it’s probably no secret to my close collaborators that this paper by Martin Weinberg  (who is, indisputably, a highly talented astro-statistician & cosmologist) really Wangs my Chung.  In my opinion, anyone searching for a generally-reliable marginal likelihood estimator using only … Continue reading

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Jaynes vs Billingsley

The hipster lit flowchart begins with a single question, “Have you read Infinite Jest?”, to which the follow up for a negative answer is simply, “You’re not a hipster.”.  Period.  The same must surely be true for a hypothetical astrostatistics … Continue reading

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The future …

To kick off this blog on a positive note I thought I might look into my crystal ball and prognosticate on what I see as the (hopeful) future of astrostatistics. Experimental Design  Perhaps the most under-utilised area of modern statistical … Continue reading

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